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     An emerging breakthrough discipline in the field of healthcare!
                       About Us
                                                                 Peggy Hurley 
                                                                Barbara Rathbone
   Barbara Rathbone
  My background has been in the healing field for many years, first as a
   clinical, pastoral, psychotherapist, with a doctorate in psychology and
   seminary training. While a native of Baton Rouge, I both lived and 
   worked in that field for 20 years in Chicago Illinois. I returned to BR 
   13  years ago. I have now taken up a 2nd career as a Hanna Somatics
   Educator (HSE). I trained in California at the "Novato Institute for
   Somatic Research and Training", a three year program.
   Peggy Hurley
   I also have been in the healing field for many years. I trained as
   a chiropractic xray technician, then as a massage therapist. 
   Utilizing Hanna Somatics, I experienced a dramatic recovery from an
   injury that would have left me both crippled and disabled. I knew then 
   and there that I had to study to become a Hanna Somatics Educator
   (HSE) bringing the new hope I was given both to my state and to
   ALL who have no hope.
 I trained and graduated in California at the "Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training", a three year program.
                                 Our Company
    Our company is based on the belief that our client's needs and trust  
    are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting those
    needs within our "scope of practice" while guarding your trust
     100% of our business comes from doctor and   
                               client referrals.
    We welcome the opportunity to work with you and to help you get
    back to living, not just surviving life, once again. What do you have
    to lose, except pain?
  Pain and Immobility! Why Learn to Live With It?
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