BR Somatics LLC - Pain & Immobility! Why Learn to live with it?
                                    Hanna Somatic Education 
    An emerging breakthrough discipline in the field of healthcare!
                                 Hanna Somatics
    A system of neuromuscular education which helps you to enjoy    
    freedom from pain and a more comfortable movement. It teaches        

    you to recognize, release, and reverse, chronic pain patterns 

    resulting from injury, stress, repetitive
    motion, strain, or habituated postures. It doesn't matter what
    your age or how long you've had the problem, you can reset the
    resting level of that muscle or muscles.
    Hanna Somatics has been around since the 80's. It began in     
    California at the "Novato Institute for Somatic Research and
    Training". Sadly, it is just making it's way into the south. Gladly,
    it has arrived!
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                                 Computer Professionals
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  Pain and Immobility! Why Learn to Live With it?
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